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Replenish Your Spirit

“I’ve been looking forward to this event since last year’s ended. It was a great way to unplug from the chaos of a busy fall schedule. It’s a nice mix of quiet reflection, group discussion, and bonding that left me feeling closer to God and closer to other members of our congregation, some of whom I had not met until that day.” We all need a break now and then, time to allow the spirit to replenish…

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Spiritual Opportunities at Westminster

There is something about September that makes the familiar feel new again. In that spirit, we hope that you’ll check out all the wonderful opportunities for spiritual development here at Westminster – whether it’s a return to a beloved group or the start of a new experience. Visit our website, watch the bulletin, and read the weekly Westminster emails for details about all the spiritual devel…

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Sharing God's Love

Welcome from the Deacons Did you know the Deacons within our church are here to welcome, serve, and to care for you? We are willing to show up and share God’s love with all in our congregation. We are involved in ministries of mercy and love and invite you to reach out to us in times of celebration and joy or sadness and grief. We will pray with you, bring meals to you, visit with you, or help y…

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Milestones at Westminster

June 1 – August 1, 2022 Baptisms June 19 Henry James Beck parents: Nicole and Robert Beck Grayson Michael Eddy parents: Colleen and Keith Eddy Haley Kay Hammel parents: Emily and Michael Hammel July 17 Henry Aaron Bowser parents: Kara and Aaron Bowser Antonietta Rose Madden parents: Rosanna and Daniel Madden Deaths Nancy J. Page June 2 Marian F. Cleland June 9 Evalyn D. McCandless June 24

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Message from Jo Forrest -- June 2022

“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name…” Did I just put the jingle from the television series Cheers into your mind? This catchy tune conveys the desire that rises from our hearts to be in a place where we feel as though we belong. Where we are at home. Knowing each other’s name matters. Scripture assures us in the prophets, psalms, and gospels that God knows us by name. Jesus c…

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Pentecost Birthday Party

Pentecost Birthday Party Confirmation Sunday, June 5 Please join us on Sunday, June 5, for a special single worship service at 10:00 a.m. in the sanctuary, led by Westminster’s 2021-22 Confirmation Class. And don’t miss the 75th birthday celebration after worship, with food, fellowship, and fun in the WROC.

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Caregiver Support: Stronger Together

If these thoughts have crossed your mind, you are not alone! "I’m so overwhelmed, getting more involved helping my parents as they get older.” “It’s a matter of time; my parents need me and I want to be there for them.” “There’s so many decisions to make – I could use some help.” “I feel so guilty sometimes…” Virtually every one of us will care for a loved one at some point in our life. Though rewarding, it is…

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Wrapping Up, Yet Still Going

I probably don’t have to tell you that Westminster’s youth group, Veritas, has had to adapt a lot in the last two years. We had a global pandemic, staffing changes, and last year we graduated a large core group of kids. Coming into the fall of last year, we weren’t exactly sure what to expect, but we knew we wanted it to be great. Veritas has an amazing values list (I’d love to share it with you if you …

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