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Barefoot School Is Back!

A favorite week at Westminster Church is the week of Barefoot School, or Vacation Bible School. For the past 46 years the staff and members of Westminster Church have offered a thrilling week for kids of all ages! Last year due to COVID a modified backyard version of Vacation Bible School was offered in people’s homes. Now we are ready to return with tons of fun and excitement. Kelly Ralston and B…

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Westminster Deacons Collection for Presbyterian Disaster Agency

photo credit (clockwise): David Fine, Greg Henshall, Sarah Partridge, Andrea Booher. Presbyterian Disaster Agency works to serve people who are in need. When there is a natural disaster such as a wildfire, hurricane, or tornado, they send out teams of people to assist with cleanup who bring resources to people who have been affected. One resource PDA provides is buckets, called Gifts of the Heart…

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Message from Jo Forrest -- May 2021

To endow is to provide with a quality, a resource, or an asset as in “God endowed her with the gift to sing.” To endow is also to fund with financial resources to ensure future viability. We rejoice in the ways members have endowed Westminster with their vision and talents. In 1995 a few visionary members of Westminster met to imagine an endowment fund and begin the work to secure funding, def…

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Surprised by Joy

Are we surprised by joy or sadness? Our world in which we live wants to surprise us with sadness. News reports keep telling us about murders, conflicts between countries, the pandemic, political strife. You don’t have to go far to see images of hatred, violence, and cruelty toward one another, often the more sensational the better. Indeed, the powers of darkness want to surprise us with human m…

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Between Here and There -- May 2021

I’d like to invite you to join me in a project that I’ve embarked on over the past few weeks. I’ll be very clear about this invitation: I would genuinely love for you to reach out to me. Perhaps you’ve noticed that I end each of these notes with a line something like, “I’d love to hear your thoughts…” Yes, I actually mean it. I’m hopeful that you’ll join me in this. Westminster is looking out at a brand-new landsca…

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