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A Thrill of Hope

By Christine Hestwood, Music Director A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices.” The Christmas season, and especially Christmas Eve, just isn’t complete without the beloved carol “O Holy Night.” Jesus’ birth brought a thrill of hope to a weary world, one that “lay in sin and darkness.” The birth of Jesus brought about a “new and glorious” day. And that’s certainly worth celebrating! A friend recently sent me th…

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Practicing Lament as a Family

By Faith Kemmler, Director of Children's & Family Ministry Grief, lament, and sorrow are unavoidable aspects of the human experience. But we know that our God is walking alongside us, ready to listen to all we have to say. Practicing lament as a family helps children and adults process difficult times and situations. Use the following questions to guide your family in lamenting: What are the…

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Loving as Jesus Loved

By Erik Wiesemann, Light in My City, Founder It’s that time of year. While many people are giddy with excitement for the holidays, there are those who are too weary to rejoice. Both groups can relate to weariness. Even the most optimistic get worn down by life. When family and friends walk with us during trials and discouragement, it gives us a sense of hope. Ultimate hope, however, is found only t…

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O Holy Night

By Rev. Ann Morris, Parish Associate “Sometimes in a weary world you have to sing yourself back into belief,” says Sydney to Freddie in James Runcie’s The Road to Grantchester. During the Christmas season the music and lyrics of “O Holy Night” are a sure tonic to strengthen a fragile faith. The history of the song is rife with controversy, legend, and popularity. It began in 1843 as a poem by Placide C…

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From the Office of JO FORREST: Fall 2023

My third-grade teacher taught everyone in my class how to make a string of paper dolls. We cut and cut until everyone unfurled the paper, so the dolls appeared to hold hands. The teacher thumbtacked them at the perimeter of the bulletin board and placed individual dolls within the interior. She told us we needed to keep the circle open. Then she put letters one word at a time in the center,…

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Belonging (in Small Groups)

Brené Brown, author and researcher, says the path to true belonging is through vulnerability. Westminster has been blessed to see the path of vulnerability and belonging forged through small groups. From Faith Transitions (discussion group for former Catholics and other denominations): ”The June meetings were so helpful that I can’t help but think that others would also benefit.” – Cathy From The Arti…

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Storytelling as Community

I’ve been reading an outstanding book called Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World by Vivek Murthy, MD, Surgeon General of the United States. If there is one thing that COVID taught us, it is about human connection, or lack of. We need connection from the day we are born until the day we die. Babies need to have eye contact and human touch for healthy d…

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Top Ten Reasons Why Being a Volunteer is So Much Fun!

Just a few weeks ago, Westminster’s Children, Family, and Youth Ministries hosted a training opportunity for anyone interested in volunteering during the coming year. As part of our time together we invited a few of our veteran volunteers to share their experience. One such veteran, David Kerr, shared his thoughts through a Top Ten List. You get to sleep in comfortable beds in five-star resorts a…

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