We are looking for a self-starter. Typically, this person works independently on an assigned list of duties. Willingness to learn new things in light maintenance and repairs.

• Empties trash and wastebaskets
• Cleans, sanitizes, and supplies restroom facilities
• Maintain clean surfaces, furniture, windows, baseboards, stairwells etc.
• Performs floor maintenance, dust mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing, buffing, waxing, etc.
• Utilizes pressure washers for cleaning outside areas
• Able to setup/teardown tables and chairs for events and Sunday services
• Be a team player
• Open to working indoors and outdoors
• Be able to lift 50 lbs.
• Be able to work on a ladder
• Clearing snow-snow blower and shoveling

Ideal Candidate:

Have a high school diploma. Have or obtain all clearances to work in a church with a daycare/nursery. Have a driver’s license. Ability to read and interpret instructions. Be reliable and have good attendance. Open to working indoors and outdoors. This position demands continuous walking, standing, lifting, and kneeling. The duties necessitate considerable dexterity, hand, foot and eye coordination, and concentration. Position requires reaching overhead, gripping with fingers, shoveling, twisting at the waist, climbing stairs, pushing/pulling 50 lbs., and working atop a ladder. Other duties as assigned.

Must be able to work on Sundays. Custodian should be able to open and close the facility depending on the shift they are assigned. This position works 40 hours per week with occasional overtime and must be flexible to work Sunday and a few Saturday events.

If interested, please contact Carol Webber
or by phone: 412-835-6630 x201