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WROC: Flow Yoga AM with Zoom Option

Flow (Vinyasa) Yoga - A.M. Class focuses on body awareness while stretching, breathing, building balance and strength, and increasing flexibility using a smooth flow format. Prayer and scripture will be incorporated to help build and support the spirit, mind, and body. Class is suitable for beginner through intermediate. Yoga positions will be described and modified for those new to yoga.…

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Alexander Gilfillan Garden

We would like to thank all our volunteers for their help this year. Gilfillan Garden, a collaboration between Westminster Presbyterian, Upper St. Clair High School, and the Historical Society of Upper St. Clair, is one of several SHIM gardens that serve over 7,500 people in need in the South Hills area. Despite COVID, the drought, and excessive heat, we had a very good year. Total harvest for the…

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Forward in Faith Property Update - November 2020

This month we highlight two projects that Forward in Faith has made possible that are timely and necessary for continuing worship both remotely and in person during these exceptional COVID times. An upgrade in the sanctuary audio-visual equipment had been on the wish list for the Property Commission for many years. During planning of the Forward in Faith campaign in 2018, it was included in a…

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Writers of Westminster New Book Presale

Somewhere Under the Rainbow The Writers of Westminster are excited to introduce their fourth book for Christmas this year, titled Somewhere Under the Rainbow. As in past years, the book will be 92 pages long with lots of photos and illustrations that highlight our church and its members in a positive and blessed way. Although The Writers have not been able to meet in person since the start of the…

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October Message from Bruce Lancaster

My Friends, People are looking everywhere for help, support, and guidance for the challenges of life, especially in these days of darkness clouded by natural disasters, a global pandemic, social injustices, and partisan politics. So, what are people of good faith to do? For starters, we should not give in to the darkness; we should combat darkness with light. John begins his Gospel with that…

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Showing Love for Neighbors Near and Far

Seven year old Lily and her brother set up a blue canopy in their front yard inviting the neighbors to collect canned goods for SHIM, South Hills Interfaith Movement. A flier had come to our front door a few days earlier asking us to drop by to make a donation: “Anything you bring is enuff.” As the weekend rolled along, I watched them sitting expectantly, hour after hour, waiting for cars to pull up …

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The Right to Worship

If all goes according to plan, by the time the October Spire lands in your inbox or mailbox, we will have had a few chances to worship together in person. If you’ve chosen to hang back for a little while longer, I’m so glad that we have the capability through video, livestream, and print to stay connected. If you decided that a Sunday morning in our sanctuary was just what the doctor ordered, the…

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October Westminster Seminars Online

October 4, 11, 18, and 25 All One in Christ Jesus? Christian Unity in Complicated Times Rev. Liddy Barlow, Christian Associates of Southwest Pennsylvania We say that we believe in “one” holy, catholic, and apostolic church – but arguments and schisms have left the church divided into thousands of quarreling factions. In these seminars, we’ll explore what Christian unity means, why it matters, and how we …

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