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Mission on the Move -- Schenley Heights Community Development Program

The Schenley Heights Community Development Program (SHCDP) is a nonprofit faith-based community organization whose mission is to nurture, support, and develop their community through wholesome programs that address the academic, moral, cultural, health, and recreational needs of their children, youth, and their families in the Hill District and metropolitan Pittsburgh. Their year-round…

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Mission on the Move -- Bread for the World

Bread for the World: A Different Path for Serving “Speak out for the rights of all who are destitute. Defend the rights of the poor and needy.” – Proverbs 31:8-9 The name Bread for the World brings to mind legions of folks collecting food and carrying it to hungry people across the globe. This has a certain appeal to it, since we all want to be part of something larger than ourselves, and as Chris…

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Chatham Baroque Returns to Westminster

Andrew Fouts – violin, Patricia Halverson – viola da gamba, Scott Pauley – theorbo, baroque guitar For five years the acclaimed Pittsburgh ensemble Chatham Baroque had become a welcome treat for music lovers at Westminster and in the South Hills. Westminster was the Friday night venue for most concerts in the group’s subscription series. Most of these concerts took place in the beautiful and intimat…

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Christmas Poinsettias 2021

The Chancel Guild is accepting memorial or honoree contributions for poinsettias. The beautiful poinsettias throughout Westminster during the Christmas season are the result of generous contributions from our members and friends. Download the order form here, make your check payable to Westminster Presbyterian Church and write “Poinsettia” on the memo line. Mail your check and form to the church off…

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Message from Jo Forrest -- October 2021

The great command issued from the ancient of days to love God and built upon by Jesus to love God and neighbor echoes throughout our faith and calls us forward. Westminster embraced Jesus’ twofold command at her inception and each successive generation brings these lofty ideals to life through concrete ministries. Westminster has and will continue to thrive when focused on spiritual growth in t…

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Using Our Gifts from God

Have you received any gifts lately? In the Gospel of Matthew 25:14-30, we find the Parable of the Talents about a wealthy landowner who is going on a journey. Before he leaves, he calls together the servants and gives each one talents according to their ability to use while he is away. (A talent was an amount of money.) To one he gives five talents, one received two, and one received a single…

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Between Here and There -- October 2021

What makes for a good gift? Is it something you’ve always wanted, or something you never knew you needed? Is it from someone you know and care for, or someone unexpected, perhaps even unknown? Is it expensive and extravagant, or simple and sentimental? Ask these questions to ten different people and you may wind up with eleven different answers. I’m not aware of an equation to solve this one. So, wha…

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