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Church Closing Policy -- December 2021

In the event of severe weather, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Westminster Nursery School and Kindergarten (WNSK), and Westminster Recreation & Outreach Center (WROC) will follow the schedule of the Upper St. Clair School District. When the school district's buildings are closed, all activities, classes, and meetings scheduled for that day are canceled. In…

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Message from Jo Forrest -- November 2021

One day, decades ago, I woke in the wee hours of the morning and wrote a few pages in a notebook before walking the dog. The next day, a few more words flowed, followed by another day, and another, until weeks later it became the habit that still grounds me. Embedded within my writing ritual is noticing when the sun rises. It first peaks up behind my neighbor’s house and by the time the light r…

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What to Say

Being a helpful advocate when someone is facing a challenging medical situation involves encouragement and care. Recently I came across a helpful article by hospital chaplain, Charlie Deridder, “What Not to Say to Someone Who Has Cancer”. Charlie has decades of interactions as he walked with people who faced cancer. His insights are helpful for all of us who seek to comfort a friend or loved one fac…

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Remembering All the Saints

During worship on November 7, the Sunday after All Saints’ Day, we give thanks for the lives of Westminster’s members who have died over the past year. Their names will be read, each followed by a chime in remembrance. Bless the memories of your saints, God. May we learn how to walk wisely from their examples of faith, dedication, worship, and love. As we remember all the saints, we give glory to God…

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Celebrating the Reign of Christ

The Christian year ends on November 21 in celebration. We give thanks and praise to Christ, the sovereign Lord of all creation who will come again in glory to reign (see Revelation 1:4-8). We call this special Sunday Christ the King – or more precisely, the Reign of Christ – uniting Christians throughout the world in proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord of all. On this jubilant day, we are at the thr…

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Westminster Seminars -- The History of the Black Church in America

November Series The History of the Black Church in America Jack Aupperle This series is offered as an insight into how the African American Community has emerged from its slave beginning into a church of diversity and community enrichment. The series is designed to provide an overview of events, people, and transitions which occurred over several centuries. November 7 – The White Lion: Slavery a…

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What’s Happening at Gilfillan?

If you’ve walked the trail recently, you may be wondering what’s happening at Gilfillan. The answer is a lot! Horses with Hope In June, Horses with Hope arrived. Several horses, a donkey, two miniature horses, and four goats (including two fainting goats!) call Gilfillan Farm home from May through October. They provide therapeutic riding programs for individuals with special needs, and in July, off…

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