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Between Here and There -- October 2021

What makes for a good gift? Is it something you’ve always wanted, or something you never knew you needed? Is it from someone you know and care for, or someone unexpected, perhaps even unknown? Is it expensive and extravagant, or simple and sentimental? Ask these questions to ten different people and you may wind up with eleven different answers. I’m not aware of an equation to solve this one. So, wha…

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Thoughts on God as Trinity

Westminster Seminars October Series Thoughts on God as Trinity James E. Davison What’s the Trinity mean to you? For you? This most significant doctrine of our faith is often misunderstood, and it can easily leave us mystified. In these four sessions, we’ll engage this mystery of God’s nature as three-in-one. Come with your own thoughts and questions, and see how focusing on the triune reality of God c…

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Westminster Book Group -- October 2021

Wednesday, October 27 Noon – 1:15 p.m. Room 238 or Zoom The next meeting of the Westminster Book Group will be in Room 238 and via Zoom. Find the Zoom link in the meeting announcement on the church website. We will discuss Lady Clementine by Marie Benedict. We invite you to bring a brown bag lunch and join us. “With a historian's eye and a writer’s heart, Benedict provides an unforgettable glimp…

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Throughout my childhood years, church was my favorite place to be. I loved showing up to Sunday school to be greeted by my teachers each week and running into the sanctuary with my friends before splitting up to sit with our parents for worship. When my parents had meetings, my siblings and I would explore the building, learning all of the “shortcuts” and rooms and tucked away spaces. I was the kid…

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What Is a QuicKit?

A QuicKit is the product of a mission project started over the summer by members of Westminster’s youth. The kits are bags filled with essential items to be handed out to individuals in need you may come across. When you’re driving to work or headed to a Steeler game, you may see someone asking for assistance. With a QuicKit, you can help in a small way. The project’s goal is for these packs to be av…

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Deacons Share “Gifts from the Heart” Buckets for Presbyterian Disaster Relief

Under the leadership of Steve Danielle with committee members Jerome Ecklin and Molly Brown, the Westminster Deacons organized a Service of Giving that came to fruition during an evening of fun, fellowship, pizza, beverages, and bucket filling in Fellowship Hall the evening of August 30. Approximately 36 volunteers gathered to fill 50 five-gallon buckets with cleaning supplies that will be…

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