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Message from Jo Forrest -- December 2021

All four of the Gospels in our Bible provide unique narratives and theologies of the life, death, and resurrection of our savior. Mark’s Gospel opens with “the good news of Jesus Christ, the son of God,” immediately throws Jesus into the Jordan River for baptism, and then races to the cross. This sparse Gospel barely mentions Jesus’ family and refers to him as the Son of Man. John’s Gospel situates …

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Waiting with Joy

Advent is the time of anticipation. How are you approaching this season of waiting? It can be easy to get discouraged as we look around and see problems waiting for us every day. Needless strife and violence occur daily in the headlines. Supply chain problems make presents harder to buy. Surges in holiday travel will make flying a nightmare. What are we to do about wearing or not wearing masks…

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Between Here and There -- December 2021

Depending on the translation of Scripture you look to, the word heart shows up somewhere between 400 to more than 900 times! No matter how you cut it, that’s quite a few. Though there are a few different variations of how the word is meant in the differing passages, a wide assortment of these verses speaks to the heart as the source of our true self. When you read through these different verses, y…

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Come, Lord Jesus: Watching and Waiting in Advent

The season of Advent has a dual theme. Yes, Advent signals the coming of Christ as a baby at Christmas, yet it also prepares for the Second Coming of Christ at the end of time. The two are in tension as we watch and wait for both comings. Both meanings are reflected in the Scripture readings and music of the Advent season, and together they enrich our spiritual lives in the four weeks leading up…

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Westminster Seminars -- A Quest to the Holy Land

Advent Series A Quest to the Holy Land Rev. Louise Rogers During December, Louise Rogers will take the group on a quest to the Holy Land by studying The Journey by Adam Hamilton, where he travels from Nazareth to Bethlehem in a fascinating look at the birth of Jesus Christ. Hamilton approaches this world-changing event with thoughtfulness. Using historical information, archaeological data, and a…

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Fall Highlights from Children’s & Family Ministry

This fall saw an abundance of opportunities for the children of Westminster to encounter God and engage with their faith. In early October, fifteen 3rd and 4th graders were presented with their very own Bible to read, love, study, and explore as they continue on their faith journey. Those children also had the opportunity to attend the “Have My Bible-Now What?” workshop with Debb Egli where they lea…

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Advent Devotionals: God with Us

The stories of Advent are stories for hard times. Jesus was born amid upheaval and historical change and among people who seemed powerless. But when the world feels hopeless, Advent reminds us God is with us. In chaos, God is with us. In suffering, God is with us. In uncertainty, God is with us. In whatever our family endures, God is with us. This Advent resource invites your family to explore…

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Mission on the Move:
Medical Benevolence Foundation (MBF)

Outreach Commission welcomes input from the congregation, along with members’ involvement. MBF is a great example, originally suggested by the late Marvin Parmelee, over 40 years ago. This foundation’s mission is dedicated to “building long-term partnerships to equip the local church in each country to meet their community’s healthcare needs and share God’s good news.” MBF acts as a partner to organize, f…

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