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A Thrill of Hope

By Christine Hestwood, Music Director A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices.” The Christmas season, and especially Christmas Eve, just isn’t complete without the beloved carol “O Holy Night.” Jesus’ birth brought a thrill of hope to a weary world, one that “lay in sin and darkness.” The birth of Jesus brought about a “new and glorious” day. And that’s certainly worth celebrating! A friend recently sent me th…

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ED: A Tribute to My Friend

By Laura Ecklin, Youth Ministry and Administrative Manager “What is the most important thing I need to know about you?” The question Ed Sutter asks every new student who walks up the ramp entering the youth wing. You can imagine that question gets a variety of answers from middle and high school kids. They talk about the sports they play, their favorite school subject, pets, video games, a spe…

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From the Office of Jo Forrest: Advent 2023

The Advent rituals of decorating, cookie baking, card writing, and Christmas planning usually lift my spirits. To bless an early nightfall, I’d light a candle and turn up the tunes. This year, that all seems frivolous. The horrific wars that are fought on foreign shores weigh on my heart. Our elected leaders seem to draw lines in the sand rather than try to draw us together. We bicker over the e…

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Learning from the Kindness of Children

By Denise Burke, WECEP Executive Director Children teach us so many things that we never realized we needed to know. Not that long ago, I witnessed a precious moment among three little boys on the WECEP playground. The three boys pictured in the photo worked up a great thirst while running after each other during a fun game of what I would call tag. They all paused from their fun to run over to…

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Loving as Jesus Loved

By Erik Wiesemann, Light in My City, Founder It’s that time of year. While many people are giddy with excitement for the holidays, there are those who are too weary to rejoice. Both groups can relate to weariness. Even the most optimistic get worn down by life. When family and friends walk with us during trials and discouragement, it gives us a sense of hope. Ultimate hope, however, is found only t…

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Mary, Blessed and Bold

By Sara Kyle Sara is the editor of the Spire and organizer of the Westminster Seminars As we turn our focus to the coming – advent – of Christ, an encouraging starting point is Mary’s joyful and yet humble song in response to the news that she will bear the Christ Child. Mary’s song of praise (Luke 1:46-55) is known as the Magnificat, after the opening phrase: “My soul magnifies the Lord.” Magnify in …

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My Encounter with Joy

By Becky Boyer, Director of Youth Ministry I am always asking the youth to look out for where God is working in their everyday lives. For example, where do they see people being kind to one another and being Jesus’ hands or feet to someone. It is my hope that it will open their eyes to the world around them and help them think about how the Holy Spirit is moving every day. A couple of weeks ago I…

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O Holy Night

By Rev. Ann Morris, Parish Associate “Sometimes in a weary world you have to sing yourself back into belief,” says Sydney to Freddie in James Runcie’s The Road to Grantchester. During the Christmas season the music and lyrics of “O Holy Night” are a sure tonic to strengthen a fragile faith. The history of the song is rife with controversy, legend, and popularity. It began in 1843 as a poem by Placide C…

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