May 2023


  • Friendship Is Caring
  • Westminster’s Pet Ministry Relaunches
  • The NEW Generation of the NEXT Generation
  • The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost
  • The Pipe Organ­—A Living Being
  • A New Beginning: Community Engagement Commission
  • Joy in Service
  • The WROC Celebrates 15 Years of Zumba
  • Questions ... Many, Many Questions!

February 2023


  • Confirmation Class
  • Can I Ask You a Question...?
  • Devotions for Lent
  • A Colorful Lenten
  • Countdown
  • Learning in Lent
  • Thank you Lord­—
  • for Google Translate
  • My Journey Ends
  • A Farewell by Louise Rogers

November 2022

In this issue:
Message from Jo Forrest
Between Here and There
Hope Blooms for Our Sponsored Family
Jesus Is the Reason for the Season
I Wonder What You Wonder About...
Hope of All the Earth
The Threefold Coming of Christ
412 or 4:12?
The Charming Gardeners
and more.

October 2022

In this issue:
Table of Thanks
One Person at a Time
Between Here and There
Nurturing the Next Generation
A Message of Peace and Rest in God
Gratitude in the Midst of Life's Challenges
God's Love in Action
Our House of Faith
and more.

September 2022

In this issue:
Between Here and There
Meeting a Great Need: Mental Health for Teens & Parents
It's You I Like
Hotel Heaven
What Inheritance Awaits You?
SHIM: A Fresh Perspective
Make a Joyful Noise
Empowering Cancer Patients Through Yoga
Spiritual Opportunities @ Westminster
and more.