Publicity Request Form

Please use the publicity request form for submitting information to the following:

  • Sunday Bulletin
  • Deadline is 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday. Contact Jeannie Schott with questions.

  • Weekly Westminster Email
  • Anna Hiner sends a weekly email notice to members regarding upcoming Sunday worship services, mission opportunities, and prayer concerns. Event cancellations are also sent out by mass email.

  • External Publicity
  • Events may be advertised in the Almanac, local cable channels, and various news publications. Contact Anna Hiner with questions.

  • Worship Announcements
  • Please realize that only a few items can be mentioned each Sunday. Contact Louise Rogers with questions.

  • Online Registration
  • Guests are able to register for events through MyWPC. Contact Anna Hiner with questions.

Video Production Request Form

If you need to request food preparation for your church event, please complete the Food Request Form

The incident report form is to be completed any time an emergency event occurs. Return completed forms to the church project manager.

Incident Report Form

We baptize infants and young children, as well as adults, because children are an important part of the body of Christ. When parents or guardians present their children for baptism, they are asked to profess their faith in Christ as Lord and Savior and promise to raise their children in the faith until they are old enough to become "active members" through their own profession of faith. Generally this means that the parents are active members of Westminster or another Christian congregation.

Adults who wish to join the church and have not already been baptized receive the sacrament of Baptism upon making their profession of faith and declaring their intention to be faithful members of the congregation.

Need more information?
Contact Peg Kinsey, executive assistant to the pastors, at 412-835-6630x211.

Because we understand a Christian wedding to be, among other things, a worship service growing out of a community of believers, at least one member of any couple to be married at Westminster will ordinarily have been an active member of the congregation for at least a year prior to requesting a marriage ceremony. A wedding date may be held temporarily on the church's calendar, but no commitment will be made to perform the ceremony until the couple has met at least once with one of the pastors.

Church members may ask to reserve a date and receive guidelines and a wedding application from Peg Kinsey, executive assistant to the pastors, at 412-835-6630x211.