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Devotions for Lent

Lent is a time for reflection as we think about and prepare for the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. A Lenten devotional – Seeking: Honest Questions for Deeper Faith – asks us to consider a different question for each week of Lent. For instance, the first week’s question is “Who do you listen to?” Then, through familiar Bible stories such as Jesus’ temptation by Satan in the wilderness and an Old Test…

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A Colorful Lenten Countdown

When teaching young children about Christianity it is important to talk about Jesus on a regular basis, not just during holidays. At WECEP the children are blessed to have teachers dedicated to enriching their lives by modeling and teaching how to live life according to Jesus. Throughout the year you will see the children reading Bible stories in their class, saying prayers, and doing crafts…

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Learning in Lent

During the season of Lent we turn inward to examine our spiritual lives. We ask ourselves how we are following Jesus, how consistently we keep God with us in all our words and actions. And of course, we want to do better. Lent is a welcome time for reflection, enrichment, and renewal for our souls. It’s also a time for learning as we seek to gain new insights from scripture about the final days o…

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Thank you Lord—for Google

It may seem odd – and oddly specific – to be thanking God for software, but that is a shared gratitude among the members of the refugee resettlement team. It allows us – with momentary delays – to share laughter and to ask and answer questions such as what are the Arabic words for Father (Ab) or Baba as the children call him or Mother (Omm) or Mama as the children say. One team goal is to keep the con…

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A Journey Ends - A Farewell by Louise Rogers

My friends, As I end my journey with you, I am grateful for the many kind words in notes, cards, gifts, and visits to my office over the past few weeks. The reception, given in my honor on January 15, was a delightful way to celebrate our years of ministry together. The day was filled with delicious food in a stunning Fellowship Hall with many well wishes given by the congregation for me and my…

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Message from Jo Forrest -- Hope Blooms

One year, my husband and I followed St. Cuthbert’s Way, a pilgrimage trail through the borderlands between Scotland and England. St. Cuthbert sang from the Psalter and shared stories from the Gospel of John to introduce the Celts to Jesus. He preached to the generations who had been invaded by the Romans, Normans, English, and Vikings. The gospel message flourished among those who knew what it m…

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Between Here and There -- November 2022

My daughters have been working on their Christmas lists. In the past few years these lists have become increasingly organized, decorated, and displayed so that there is no disguising the facts: This is about Christmas and these are the things I want. Every once in a while, the lists catch me off guard with something unexpected, and at other times I’m enlisted to support the process (“Dad, how do you…

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Hope Blooms for Our Sponsored Family

What do a ladybug, a pumpkin, a werewolf, a Roman soldier, and a fairy have in common? Well, thanks to Westminster's coordination team, especially Danika Lagorio and Marilyn Rubino, they were first time trick-or-treaters in the days before Halloween. We know some of you met the parents and children at the Fall Festival, so you can probably guess the children looked even cuter in their costumes. …

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