COVID Guidelines at Westminster

March 1, 2022

Consistent with our work over the last two years, Westminster relies upon local, state, and national guidance to recommend practices that are faithful to our commandment to love God and love neighbor even amidst the challenges of our time.

In light of the declining cases and exposure risks, the COVID Task Force revised our protocols for worship. Masks will now be optional at all worship services, including the Bridge. We encourage those who are unvaccinated to wear masks and anticipate many in worship will continue to wear masks as a personal preference.

We will continue to provide livestream and recorded worship of the Bridge and 11:00 traditional services for those who live outside of the South Hills area or travel.

Each ministry program within the church and on the church’s campus may elect to require masks or limit the size of gatherings based upon the age and type of population served. Please check with the staff leader for individual programs with any questions.

We rejoice in the decline of illness and continue to pray for the end of this pandemic and its impact.

Westminster has bravely stood in this community for 75 years, proclaiming God's love through Christ, and will continue for generations to come with your support.

In faith,

Jo Forrest

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Emergency Response Procedures at Westminster

The emergency operations plan outlines how Westminster Presbyterian will respond in the event of incidents or disasters. Sections include emergency contact information, emergency procedures, building systems and site information, and roles and responsibilities. Outlined emergency procedures include medical, severe weather, fire, required evacuations, bomb threats, and aggressive intruder events.

It will be updated as needed with the most recent edition filed with the Upper St Clair police department, and kept in hard copy in the following locations at the church: the reception desk in the gallery, the mailroom, the library, and in each pastor’s office. Additionally a copy will be kept here and on the shared drive for church staff.

The incident report form is to be completed any time an emergency event occurs. Return completed forms to the church project manager.

Emergency Operations Plan
Incident Report Form