Veritas | Youth Group for Grades 7 to 12

A new era of Veritas
Veritas maintains the goal of bringing Christ to kids in a way that inspires their minds and fills their hearts with the love of God in a fun and exciting way. A strong faith is as important as ever as our world changes around us.

This year, we will offer in person and virtual meetings, rotating every other week. Be sure to check out our communication options below so you are always informed of any programming changes.

We are committed to safety in an effort to keep everyone healthy. However, there is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place where people are gathered. We are unable to guarantee that our increased measures will prevent exposure. We recommend that your family participate at a level with which you feel comfortable.

Annual registration is required and the form can be found here:

Discipleship Groups

This is a brand new opportunity to meet in a smaller group format with peers, lead by some of our favorite volunteers! Groups will meet the last week of each month on a few different days and times, depending on the group. Conversations will be inspired by students and cover topics that they feel are relevant and important in their lives right now and could include current events, personal happenings, Biblical history, or something totally different! Participants are 7th-12th grade students and do not have to be involved in other Veritas activities.

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Monthly Activity Schedules

One week before the 1st of each month, the next month’s schedule will be updated and available.

October 2020 Calendar


Ed Sutter, Director of Youth Ministry and Family Counseling

Laura Ecklin, Associate Director of Youth Ministry

Clay Bauer, Youth Ministry Intern