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Practicing Lament as a Family

By Faith Kemmler, Director of Children's & Family Ministry Grief, lament, and sorrow are unavoidable aspects of the human experience. But we know that our God is walking alongside us, ready to listen to all we have to say. Practicing lament as a family helps children and adults process difficult times and situations. Use the following questions to guide your family in lamenting: What are the…

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Weary But Joyful

By Ed Sutter, Senior Director of Christian Education “How does a weary world rejoice?” It truly is a fantastic question, isn’t it? It strikes me as particularly poignant because we so rarely (if ever) equate the two feelings. Weary but joyful. Worn out but jubilant. Bedraggled but delighted. The ideas seem to oppose one another. So, how does a weary world rejoice? Well, if we remain stuck in seman…

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Westminster Women Find Joy in Study and Fellowship

By Kristy Berrott, Elder When I was first told about the Spire’s theme for Advent, I immediately knew that I could connect. I had been feeling weary with the world as it was, and I was looking for a way to overcome this feeling. My daily interactions were leaving me with less and less hope for humanity. Therefore, when the Adult Spiritual Development Commission was looking for people to run some n…

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Year End Giving

By Dave Davis, Sr., Member, Stewardship Commission The Advent season will soon be upon us. In the church this season is dedicated to the hopeful arrival of Jesus the Christ. Yet in this season of hope, there often is a spiritual weariness. Every day we are overwhelmed by stories about our world, our nation, and our communities that contribute to spiritual weariness. Each of us can compile our own…

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