Learning from the Kindness of Children

By Denise Burke, WECEP Executive Director

Children teach us so many things that we never realized we needed to know. Not that long ago, I witnessed a precious moment among three little boys on the WECEP playground. The three boys pictured in the photo worked up a great thirst while running after each other during a fun game of what I would call tag. They all paused from their fun to run over to the water fountain for a drink. After the first boy finished his drink, the smallest in the bunch was next in line. He looked up at the fountain, and then with his big, brown, sad eyes he looked to his friends. I heard discussion between the boys and next I saw the teamwork that melted my heart. One of the boys turned the fountain on while the other lifted the small boy so that he too could enjoy a drink. I was lucky enough to witness this act of kindness and even capture a picture of this beautiful moment.

As I drove home that afternoon, I pondered whether to keep that peaceful moment in mind until tomorrow or to turn on the news when I got home to hear about all of the troubles that so many are currently facing. I decided that the moment I witnessed on the playground was something I needed to hold on to for as long as I could. So, my television stayed off that night, and I cherished the beautiful act of kindness I had witnessed from three year old boys on the playground. I began to really think about how wonderful the world would be if more adults would emulate the kindness that children have, and lift each other up instead of creating unnecessary chaos in this world that we share.

The loving staff and I are grateful that we have the opportunity to teach so many children how to be kind, help one another, and most important, live like Jesus. Together at WECEP we pray for this weary world and look forward to the season of Advent.