The Spire is Westminster's newsletter. Published ten times a year, the Spire shares congregational news and articles from the pastors as well as from other spiritual leaders, staff, and members. Downloading the most recent issue of the Spire is a great way to begin to learn all that Westminster has to offer. We hope you will check back each month.

May 2015

In this issue:
Talking about Marriage
Diary of a Lunatic: Reflect
Between Here and There
Believing and Belonging Go Together
Unfettered: Wild Geese and the Spirit of God
Arts & Spirituality: Distant Feel
Spring 2015 Haiti Mission Trip
The Gallery at Westminster
and more

April 2015

In this issue:
Dying and Rising
Diary of a Lunatic: Propel
Between Here and There
Glimpse of My World
Unfettered: Live Long and Prosper
Arts & Spirituality: Faster, I'm in a Hurry
Enter Easter with Bach
Music & Arts: 40th Annual Handbell Festival
and more

March 2015

In this issue:
Finding God
Diary of a Lunatic: Together
Unfettered: Cheers
Westminster at World Vision
Westminster Volunteers: Global Links
Town Hall South: The Reveal
Body & Soul: Go Greens
Meet the New Deacons & Elders
and more

February 2015

In this issue:
A Time for Peace
Spiritual Renewal Weekend
Diary of a Lunatic: I Am
Unfettered: Waiting
Thursday AM Bible Study
Arts & Spirituality: The Persistence of Memory
The Statue with No Hands
Body & Soul: The Heart Truth
and more

January 2015

In this issue:
The Bible and Morality
Between Here and There: All Our Gifts
Glimpse of My World: Maturity
Unfettered: Listen for the Silence
Arts & Spirituality: The Selfish Giant
Help the Haiti Mission Library Grow
WROC: What’s New for the New Year!
The Gallery at Westminster: Bob Hayes' Photography
and more