Westminster Women Find Joy in Study and Fellowship

By Kristy Berrott, Elder

When I was first told about the Spire’s theme for Advent, I immediately knew that I could connect. I had been feeling weary with the world as it was, and I was looking for a way to overcome this feeling. My daily interactions were leaving me with less and less hope for humanity. Therefore, when the Adult Spiritual Development Commission was looking for people to run some new groups this past summer, I decided to take a risk and become a facilitator for a group of women with a book study of the title Hope: A User’s Manual by MaryAnn McKibben Dana. Since then, our group has continued to tackle another title, Universal Christ by Richard Rohr.

As we meet each week, I find myself rejoicing as my faith is nurtured by a supportive and hilarious group of women. Through our discussions, we laugh, we question, we cry, and we grow in our faith. It is a safe and comfortable space to challenge our interpretations of each text while also encouraging one another with their daily applications. Through the success of Ladies’ Night at Westminster, the group has decided to continue our meetings into the future.

Please know that we would love to have you join us. Just as I have been gifted with this group, I wish nothing more than for each group member to develop a real sense of female fellowship at Westminster Church. Please look for further details to be shared after our women’s retreat on November 10. We hope to see you at our next Ladies’ Night.