The Communications Commission is eager to help you in creating an effective, successful video production. The Commission is always available to meet and talk through any questions you may have.

Requests for video production must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the event. Contact Carolyn Klasnick with any questions.

Keys to Project Success

Whether small or large, every video program involves three phases:

  1. Pre-production – This is the planning phase. Paying attention to this phase is crucial to your success and can actually save you time and problems in the later phrases.
  2. Production – This is when you assemble the elements you need. Often, this will involve simply capturing some live event by recording it or perhaps interviewing people about some particular experience. More elaborate programs may need to select music, create titles or even develop other graphics. 
  3. Post-production – This is the editing process where it all comes together. The good news is that unless there is a deadline on which the program can be shown, this is the most flexible in terms of time. 

We are ready to meet with you to determine just how much pre-production planning your project requires.

Video Request Form

Event name:
Group sponsoring event:
Location, including room number:
Contact person for the event:
Contact phone:
Contact email:
Is this a community-wide event?: Yes        No
Event Description:


Can this event be captured with one camera? Yes        No
What is the target length for the finished program?
Describe what needs to be captured (i.e., a speaker's talk, people attending an event, a process).
What is the target completion date?
How do you plan to distribute the finished program? (i.e., post to website, upload to YouTube, show in a meeting, show in worship)

Note: All requests will be accommodated based on the availability of the video team volunteers.