This form is for food only. To reserve a room, please contact Hollie Dowling.

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Fellowship Hall
Yahweh Cafe

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Equipment needed: Convection ovens (Fellowship Hall Only)
Ice Tea Machine (Fellowship Hall Only)
Mixer (Fellowship Hall Only)
Coffee machine (Fellowship Hall Only)
Warming box (Fellowship Hall Only)
Range stove
Dish Washer
Hot Dog Roller
Instruction needed:
Prior to event, any need to access kitchen for preparation or food storage? If so please describe needs:

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Everything done by group sponsoring event.
Food and supplies purchased at request/direction of group sponsoring event. All preparation, serving, and clean up done by group sponsoring event. (Westminster Congregation only)
Food purchased, prepared, and served by Kitchen Manager. (Westminster Congregation Only)
Volunteer has hired an approved outside caterer from the following list: