Forks & Fellowship

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  • Friday | January 14, 2022

Gather with different folks in our church family over some good food and friendly conversation in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. There is no formal agenda or assignment associated with this activity, just good old-fashioned conversation. Get to know others within the community that you may not interact with otherwise. Maybe they go to different services, engage in different activities around the church, or maybe you've seen them around but have never spoken.

We will organize everyone interested into groups of 8-12 who will meet at a host's home for a meal, which can range from afternoon picnic, Sunday brunch, evening potluck, campfire, dessert buffet, restaurant appetizers or whatever the host prefers. The group will organize a time that works best for them. We will assign the first host to get things started. The group can meet as many times as they like switching up hosts, then we will run sign ups again aground June to mix it up, meet new folks and allow others to join in.

All are welcome: singles, couples, families, young adults, and retirees! Please register by Friday, January 14.