God's Love in Action

You are loved. Take a minute and pause to reflect on how it feels to be loved no matter what. That is one tremendous gift from God. No matter how we fall, we are still loved without condition.

What other gifts have been bestowed to you? Maybe you have the gift of clear communication, a sporting ability, musical talent, patience…so many possibilities. Whatever gifts we have, we owe our thanks to God.

Those gifts allow us to thrive in life through our relationships with others, our careers, daily activities, and hobbies. How are you expressing your gratitude for those gifts? Westminster has so many opportunities for you to share those gifts, whether it be through joining our softball team, the handbell choir, or the Bridge setup team, helping to run the technology for worship, serving as an elder, teaching Sunday school, or being an usher to greet worshipers and collect their offerings.

Speaking of the offering, how are you sharing your financial gifts? All of our financial means can be attributed to God and the gifts he has bestowed on us. How are we honoring those blessings? When asked what Westminster means to them and why they give, the Exley family said, “Westminster is God’s Love in Action. We give as a family because Love in Action needs resources. It needs our time, commitment, and financial funds.”

We joined Westminster after a long journey of trying many churches. Westminster provided our family an experience with great youth programs, beautiful and meaningful worship services, and initiatives that help others near and far. We know our giving is vital to allow Westminster to continue its mission and become the church home for other young families like it has ours.
– Broc Sleek

Supporting the church financially gives others the means to realize their own gifts and use them to honor God. As the Stewardship Commission, our aim is to increase pledges by 21% this year to $1.7 million in order to carry out God’s Love in Action.

As you consider your pledge this year, be a joyful giver full of gratitude to God for your gifts and know that you are supporting God’s Love in Action.

-- Michele Burgess