Learning in Lent

During the season of Lent we turn inward to examine our spiritual lives. We ask ourselves how we are following Jesus, how consistently we keep God with us in all our words and actions. And of course, we want to do better. Lent is a welcome time for reflection, enrichment, and renewal for our souls.

It’s also a time for learning as we seek to gain new insights from scripture about the final days of Christ’s ministry on earth. To help guide our efforts, the Lenten series of Westminster Seminars offers the opportunity to learn from the Rev. Dr. James E. Davison, a former pastor at Westminster who has led many of our seminars over the years. Here is an outline of the series:

“On the Way to Easter with John’s Gospel”

The Gospel of John is markedly different from the other three Gospels. One major difference is the amount of space that John gives to conversations between Jesus Christ and individual people. In this series, we will look at major persons and groups toward the end of the Gospel, and how they participate in the events leading to Good Friday and Easter. What do they think of Jesus, and what does their response to him say about faith and life…for them and for us?

Plan to come to any one or all of the March seminars– no preparation needed, just a heart seeking to walk with our living and loving God.

-Sara Kyle
Sara is the editor of the Spire, and organizer of the Westminster Seminars