Deacons Share “Gifts from the Heart” Buckets for Presbyterian Disaster Relief

Under the leadership of Steve Danielle with committee members Jerome Ecklin and Molly Brown, the Westminster Deacons organized a Service of Giving that came to fruition during an evening of fun, fellowship, pizza, beverages, and bucket filling in Fellowship Hall the evening of August 30. Approximately 36 volunteers gathered to fill 50 five-gallon buckets with cleaning supplies that will be directed to areas such as those recently ravaged by hurricanes and flooding. The Presbyterian Disaster Assistance program is one of the mission areas the Deacons chose to sponsor wholeheartedly this year.

The Deacons wish to thank our church family for their generous contributions of cleaning supplies, clothespins, rags, scrub brushes, buckets, sponges, and other supplies as well as for the great turnout of volunteers, from teens to older adults. It made for a wonderful evening of sharing, not only with our own church family nearby, but as we planned for our neighbors in need from afar.

– Carol Couch