Can I ask you a question...

Why do we ask questions? Where do our questions lead us? More questions? Concrete answers? Do we even take the time to ask questions?

How can asking questions help us grow?

At JAM, we ask a lot of questions. So many that I used to become frustrated at how often we would “derail” from the lesson. After a few weeks of frustration, it finally clicked. Oh, they’re not asking all of these questions to annoy me; they’re seeking a better understanding of who God is and what that means for them.

Is the Bible true? Is God male? Who created God? Why did Jesus go to hell? Does God love my friends
who aren’t Christians? Is it okay to be angry at God?

Every question led to another question. We discussed how some questions have specific answers while others may always leave us wondering. I was amazed as I watched these fifth and sixth graders come to realize that developing our faith is not always about answers. It’s about seeking, wondering, and questioning. When we open the Bible to learn about who God is, we open up to a world of wonder.

Questioning is vulnerable. We have to be willing to look in the mirror. We have to be open to hearing the Holy Spirit and knowing we may not always hear what we want to hear. As you read scripture, and as you seek to know God, what questions are you asking? What are you learning about yourself? How is the Holy Spirit shaping you? What are you learning about God? And how can you share your questions with others?

-Faith Kemmler
Director of Children’s & Family Ministry