Belonging by Making Music

As you probably know, music permeates most aspects of my life. Some of my fondest memories are when I am making music with others. There’s power in the act of coming together to create music. There’s even more power when the music is divinely inspired to honor and glorify God.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs lists belonging as one of the major needs that motivate human behavior. The needs for love and belonging lie at the center of his pyramid as part of social needs. I’m writing to welcome all of you and your family members to think about belonging to one of Westminster’s musical groups. You don’t need to consider yourself a good singer or bell ringer. There are no auditions, and you never need to sing alone (unless you want to!).

The Chancel Choir sings an anthem with the following lyrics: “We are many parts. We are all one body. And the gifts we have we are given to share. May the spirit of love make us one indeed.”

If you don’t feel that music is your thing, join in a Bible study, a WROC class, Wednesday night dinners, etc. Become a deeper part of Westminster, where there’s so much more than Sunday morning worship! Share your gifts, and receive the same in return.