Stay Connected with Veritalk

Have you ever wondered what we talk about at youth group on Wednesday nights? The youth department has started a podcast, called Veritalk. Listen in for some fun, laughter, and a review of the scripture lesson from the previous week. The youth of Westminster are dedicated to deepening their faith in a community of friends, and their insights blow us away every time. Let us share with you some of the thoughts of the next generation.

Our goal with this podcast is multifaceted. We work hard on what we teach, so adding use to what we create is wonderful. Teens these days have busy schedules and miss Veritas sometimes. Veritalk allows them to stay connected when they’re physically unable to attend – and loops in college students who have left us. It gives parents a chance to hear what exactly it is we are teaching their kids and creates an opportunity for families to have meaningful faith conversations at home.

Finally, we want to share our works with the whole church. Maybe as you read this you’ve seen some information about Veritas in the bulletin, but never paid much attention. Maybe you know someone who would be interested in the program. Or maybe you just want to know exactly what it is we do on Wednesday nights. This podcast is for everyone. No age limit. We often include discussion questions – listen with your family or a friend to spark conversation at dinner. So please – put it on in the car, listen on the bus on the way to school, or set up a friend to talk about it with. We would love to have you listen and get a taste of what it is we do here at Westminster for our youth and how their contributions to the discussion inspire our faith as well. We promise we won’t force you to play dodgeball with us, but the invitation is open.

Veritalk is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, Podbean, and straight from a web browser. Visit for links to download and listen.

– Laura Ecklin