Sharing God's Love

Welcome from the Deacons

Did you know the Deacons within our church are here to welcome, serve, and to care for you?

We are willing to show up and share God’s love with all in our congregation. We are involved in ministries of mercy and love and invite you to reach out to us in times of celebration and joy or sadness and grief. We will pray with you, bring meals to you, visit with you, or help you to find needed resources. Know that as deacons we are interested in living out Westminster’s mission of being a caring community.

Here are some of the ways our deacons are serving our church community throughout the year:

Hosting three Blood Drives in Fellowship Hall. Collecting blood for local hospitals is a vital need in the community.

Making Care Call phone calls to all church family members to stay connected.

Preparing and delivering meals to members in need following a hospital stay or extended illness.

Delivering Extended Communion to members who are unable to attend Sunday services during the year.

Surprise Bag/Basket Deliveries to show we are thinking of you. The Snappy Spiritual team mails cards of Cheer, Congratulations, Sympathy, and Thinking of You.

Hosting the annual Giving Gala this year on November 11 to support our neighbors through the East Liberty Family Health Care Center.

Annual collection of supplies to provide for our returning troops with Treasures for Troops through Operation Troop Appreciation.

Please let us know how we can serve and care for you!

-- Mary Lou Price