Forward in Faith Property Update - November 2020

This month we highlight two projects that Forward in Faith has made possible that are timely and necessary for continuing worship both remotely and in person during these exceptional COVID times.

An upgrade in the sanctuary audio-visual equipment had been on the wish list for the Property Commission for many years. During planning of the Forward in Faith campaign in 2018, it was included in a list of projects to be completed in 5-10 years, but no dollars were assigned to it. But in COVID times, ensuring the ability of the church to reach out became its most important task. Thus, the Property Commission re-prioritized and began a project that included replacing and upgrading the sanctuary's visual projection system, and replacing and adding cameras and necessary equipment for video livestreaming and recording of our worship services in both the sanctuary and the WROC. This work is still underway, but current expenditures total approximately $57,800.

For several months, we all watched and waited. Church leadership convened a team to determine reopening strategies. One option became available that had not been considered before: making indoor air quality improvements by installing a state-of-the-art air ionizer on several HVAC units to help provide a safe indoor environment. This technology has been laboratory tested and can kill COVID-19 and other viruses at a rate of 99.4% rate of reduction. It purifies the air by eliminating airborne particles, odors, and pathogens. Several larger areas of the church now have improved air quality. Those include the sanctuary, Galbreath Chapel, Fellowship Hall, Room 194 (the enclosed room at the back of Fellowship Hall), Memorial Parlor, the studio, and the WROC. This will help in our efforts to reopen church for in person worship and for small group gatherings. There are currently no plans to install ionizers in the window units of other offices and classrooms because those systems are exorbitantly expensive. Again, this project was not included in the original Forward in Faith plans but improves the life and vitality of the church at a cost of $16,222.

The Property Commission continues to work toward building out the Forward in Faith webpage with updates and pictures. Future updates will also be included here in the Spire and in the weekly emails as appropriate. We will provide links and further updates as we move forward.

Controls on all spending remain in place. Please contact Jay Galbreath or Mandy Thomas if you would like to review further details on property projects, and Richard Mills if you have any questions on the financials. The Forward in Faith binder is also available and is updated each month with copies of bids, invoices, and notes.

We continue to welcome pledges and donations to the campaign. As we continue through uncertain times, we know God is with us still and we will keep moving Forward in Faith together.