As I write this article, my garden is in full bloom. The impatiens have outdone themselves this year; orange and red flowers brilliantly line the border. The zinnias are blooming with an array of rainbow colors along with the hydrangeas. Last year I planted a few perennials and then waited with hope for them to reappear. But only one plant came back, which made it easy to keep track of the rest of the flowers in the garden.

Somehow a new plant began to grow. Surprised, I kept watching to see if the sprouts were a flower or a weed. Carefully I watched to see any sign on the leafy stalks. Huge buds started to form and recently I was pleased to see sunflowers coming forth. They are beautiful and I hope they will grow tall for the sake of the birds.

God’s faith in us is like my faith in those sunflowers. While we are sprouting, growing, and changing, God’s love is welcoming and believes in us. God tends to our growth and guides us along paths where we will fully bloom.

The Holy Spirit empowers us to live faithfully in the world to build God’s kingdom. We are truly blessed to have others join along our journey of faith, too. Everyone has their own unique appearance. Bound together in love, God’s garden – the church – shows God’s beauty and presence to the rest of the waiting world. I’m so very grateful that God has planted us at Westminster Church, so that we may collectively “bloom where we are planted.”

Together on the journey,