Between Here and There -- September 2022

Okay, friends. Here’s the truth: plenty of times in the past few years felt like life and work were held together with scotch tape and bubble gum. I have a suspicion that I’m not alone in this sensation. Weekly changes to programming, monthly shifts in our kids’ schooling, daily shifts in availability. No bounds seemed untouched by constant change.

While still true to some degree, this most recent summer is evidence of the light and energy that so many of us are feeling as we move forward. It too came with its challenges, however. A friend of mine in camping ministry said it best, I think: “We’re stretching muscles that haven’t been used in a few years.” I’ve seen this play out for churches, families, and individuals. It seems like we saw the light on the horizon, jumped up off the couch, and hit the ground running for the first time in months. We may have pulled a few muscles in the process.

As we sit in the transition between seasons, let me encourage you to consider the next few months. Toward which lights would you like to run? What priorities would you like to find at the top of your heap this fall? What have you been called to embrace or to forgo as we step forward?

I’m hopeful that your horizon is full of light but recognize that it may just be a few slivers or glimpses here and there. No matter your unique scenario, I challenge you to consider what it is that lay in front of you. As we shift into the coming season, in what ways do you feel God calling you to use your time?

If you’ve already made some moves to embrace a shift, I’d love to hear about it. And if you’re uncertain as to how to best move forward, I’d love to work it out together. Prayers and blessings upon this coming season, friends. Talk soon.

Ed Sutter