Identity Theft

If we truly want to follow Jesus, we find our identity in him, in spite of all the influences that try to steal our identity from us.

The Tender Mercy of Our God

Does Christian faith make any difference in the way we live in this world? If not, then what are we doing in church? If so, then God may do great things in and through us.

The Days Are Surely Coming

We don’t need to be afraid, because God will bring about the redemption of the world, and of our own souls. In the meantime, we are to reflect God’s love in this world.

You Are Loved

Dr. Eben Alexander’s story of his near-death experience prompts the claim that death is not the last word, and you are loved and have nothing to fear—a message consistent with the gospel for anyone who loves God.

Mission: Redrawing the World

B. Hunter Farrell, head of world mission for the Presbyterian Church (USA), describes the church's outreach around the world.