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What happens when you don’t pay the exorcist?

You get repossessed!

I am a huge fan of wordplay. Puns and nerdy jokes can leave me on the floor laughing until tears stream down my face. At this point, neither my friends, nor the students I work with, nor the random strangers I bother on the T find me funny at all. But still, I love playing with words. I love starting with a blank piece of paper and creating a work of art with words. I have even come to enjoy working on papers for seminary! A potter has clay, an artist has paint, a musician has scales. I have words.

It is more than a little bit bold of us to step into the ring and offer words on this blog. The internet is surely heavy enough to be nearing the breaking point with words. Folks all over the world are offering up their opinions on everything from politics to food to sports to fashion. Some of those folks have incredible things to say, while others we wish would keep their opinions to themselves. It is into this space, this vast and over flowing internet, that we step to offer up some more words.

Heaven help us!

My dad used to tell me that talk is cheap. By this he meant that if I promised to clean my room, those words were not even close to the same value as actually picking up the dirty socks from my floor. When compared to action, talk is very cheap.

And yet our words carry tremendous weight. When the writer John was searching for ways to describe this incredible event of God coming to us in human form, in the person of Jesus, he called him the Word of God.The Word became the most powerful display of love humanity has ever known. That Word was far from cheap.

Our hope here in this space is to speak to that Word. Sure, we will cover lots of topics, everything from faith and life to science and religion to this crazy book called the Bible to current events. But our earnest hope and prayer is that every word we produce on this blog will point us all back to the Word, to the saving power of Jesus Christ alive and active in our world.

Our hope is that this blog would not be the last word on any topic, but rather the first word. Our prayer is that these posts would stoke the fires of conversation, both in the halls of the church and the confines of our personal lives. Our desire is that these words point each and every one of us back to the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ.

And of course, there will be the occasional wordplay joke!

Jason Freyer is the Director of High School Ministry and a Senior student at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

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