Campaign Status November 2020

Despite ongoing COVID limitations, we continue to make progress on our defined Forward in Faith goals. The original campaign goal was $3.0 million. We have received pledges as of November 3, 2020, totaling $2,463,600.04, and have received $2,132,707.53. Each dollar received is divided 80/10/10 between Property, Outreach, and the Endowment. The campaign began in May of 2018 and we anticipate pledge commitments will be completed in mid-2021.

Here is a breakdown of current totals for each category based on monies received to-date rather than pledged totals. Some of the Outreach and Endowment “Spend” dollars have been transferred to relevant accounts for use by those groups responsible for their disbursement. Funds remaining in the Forward in Faith money market account are earmarked for their categorical spending; in other words, although the Outreach and Endowment disbursements do not match at this time, this is a clerical matter not indicative of those funds being designated elsewhere.


Current Outreach Spend $154,500.00
Outreach RecipientExpenses
Homewood - Own Our Own project (find more at$47,333.00
Haiti Vocational School Project$47,333.00
SHIM Archer Initiative – Early Childhood Program Transformation$47,333.00
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (one-time donor designated donation)$12,500.00
Anticipated Outreach Funds Remaining $19,669.40


Current Property Spend $755,212.34
Anticipated Property Funds Remaining $638,142.86


Current Endowment Spend $115,000.00
Anticipated Endowment Funds Remaining $59,169.40

Fund breakdown as of November 3, 2020

In 2020, the Property Commission has moved forward with planned projects and prioritizing all remaining projects. Because it is the largest category for Forward in Faith spending, the property expenditures have been closely tracked by multiple parties. Controls on all spending remain in place. Please contact Jay Galbreath or Mandy Thomas if you would like to review further details on the property projects, and Richard Mills if you have any questions on the financials. The Forward in Faith binders are continually updated with copies of bids, invoices, and notes. Anyone is welcome to review this information.

We continue to welcome pledges and donations to the campaign. As we continue through these uncertain times, we know God is with us still and we will keep moving Forward in Faith together!

Click here to download a PDF showing detailed property project status and expenditures. Please let Jay Galbreath or Mandy Thomas know if you have any questions.

Campaign Update

As a reminder, please return your pledge card for the Forward in Faith campaign to ensure we know your intentions. As of now we have $2.4 million pledged through just over 200 donors. To reach our $3 million goal we need everyone to participate and no pledge amount is too small. Remember, the 80/10/10% split between Property, Mission, and Endowment will be honored through $3.5 million; anything past that is split between Mission and Endowment. The total amount pledged to-date will be announced on June 24, followed by a small celebration with cupcakes in the north entry following each service. Westminster was founded on a firm vision of Faith, Commitment, and Outreach. Let’s keep moving forward in faith together to a successful campaign!

Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.
– Hebrews 12:1b

Moving Westminster Forward in Faith

IN this house -- It’s time for some necessary repairs, deferred maintenance, and capital improvements to our church home. BEYOND this house -- We want to keep growing in outreach with our partners in mission. For the FUTURE -- Our capacity to sustain the next generation will be among our most important legacies.

Westminster was founded on a firm vision of Faith, Commitment, and Outreach. Let’s work together to lead this congregation and community Forward in Faith with an over-the-top successful capital campaign!

Campaign Chairs Harry & Linda Serene, Mike & Deborah Lee, and Jim Gilchrist

Campaign Video on Legacy