Campaign News

Thank you very much to the many members who have given to the Forward in Faith campaign! We’re happy to report we have now passed the $2.5 million mark from your generous giving! All donations from the first dollar will follow the 80/10/10 split between Property, Mission, and Endowment.

We continue to welcome pledges! Pledge cards can be found in the narthex, north entry, gallery, and on the back table of the Bridge. All pledges will help us move toward our goal! Westminster continues to thrive, growing from the firm vision of Faith, Commitment, and Outreach. Please contact Mandy Thomas if you have any questions. Let’s move Forward In Faith together!

Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.
– Hebrews 12:1b

Moving Westminster Forward in Faith

IN this house -- It’s time for some necessary repairs, deferred maintenance, and capital improvements to our church home. BEYOND this house -- We want to keep growing in outreach with our partners in mission. For the FUTURE -- Our capacity to sustain the next generation will be among our most important legacies.

Westminster was founded on a firm vision of Faith, Commitment, and Outreach. Let’s work together to lead this congregation and community Forward in Faith with an over-the-top successful capital campaign!

Campaign Chairs Harry & Linda Serene, Mike & Deborah Lee, and Jim Gilchrist

Campaign Video on Legacy