White Ally Workshop

Event details

  • Wednesday | February 24, 2021
  • 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
  • Zoom

The Pittsburgh Presbytery is hosting a virtual workshop titled White Ally in the 21st Century-Practices Toward the Beloved Community.

There is no cost to attend. The registration deadline is Monday, February 22. You can register at jotform.com/COMPgh/white-ally-workshop-registration.

While Dr. Campt’s focus is racism, the techniques he teaches are useful in any situation where there is a sharp difference of opinion on a topic about which people have strong feelings. It certainly seems to me that the level of tension and rancor in public discourse has risen noticeably over the past few years.

For more information, please see pghpresbytery.org/2021/01/join-the-white-ally-workshop-by-dr-david-campt.

For any questions contact Bob Dilly at peaceandjustice@westminster-church.org.