See Something, Say Something – to the Endowment

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  • Thursday | March 31, 2022

Endowment Applications Due by March 31

Over the decades, many generous souls have donated to the Westminster Endowment Fund that now provides grants to support ministry. Each year, according to its charter, the Endowment considers requests for funding for one-time needs that are outside the regular budget of the church.

If you’ve seen a need – within the church or in the wider community – that might be helped by a grant from the Endowment, you are encouraged to complete and submit an application for consideration.

No long, complicated proposals are needed. It’s just a simple form that gives the Endowment team what they need to see if funding can be made available. Typically, many good works are proposed so those seeking funding are encouraged to carefully consider the amount requested. That can allow as many requests as possible to be supported.

This year’s request deadline is March 31, 2022. We ask that you send these applications to one of the appropriate commission chairs of the church. Completed applications which have been vetted by a church commission should be emailed to Rob Wagner. You may also deliver them to the church office. If you have questions about submitting a request please contact Jo Forrest or any member of the Endowment Commission. There is help available to complete your form.

Keep your eyes open in the coming weeks to see where God is drawing you to important needs.