October, 2015

In this issue:
Where Your Treasure Is
World Communion Sunday
Between Here and There
Glimpse of My World
Thursday AM Bible Study
Unfettered: Transformed Within to Transform the World
Arts & Spirituality: The Unknown Masterpiece
Peace, Justice, and the Jericho Road
and more

September, 2015

In this issue:
Taste and See
The Galbreath Chapel Organ: Dedication & Recital
Diary of a Lunatic: The Word
This Year at Veritas
Centering Prayer Workshop
Stop Hunger Now Volunteer Opportunity
Family Charities Golf Outing
Blood Drive
and more

June, 2015

In this issue:
Sabbatical Leave – Mindfulness
Diary of a Lunatic: Innovation
Barefoot School: Everest
Unfettered: An Adventurous, Courageous Community
Arts & Spirituality: The Way
The Pocket Change Project Update
Soles for Haitian Souls
Life Care Transitions Planning
and more

May, 2015

In this issue:
Talking about Marriage
Diary of a Lunatic: Reflect
Between Here and There
Believing and Belonging Go Together
Unfettered: Wild Geese and the Spirit of God
Arts & Spirituality: Distant Feel
Spring 2015 Haiti Mission Trip
The Gallery at Westminster
and more

April, 2015

In this issue:
Dying and Rising
Diary of a Lunatic: Propel
Between Here and There
Glimpse of My World
Unfettered: Live Long and Prosper
Arts & Spirituality: Faster, I'm in a Hurry
Enter Easter with Bach
Music & Arts: 40th Annual Handbell Festival
and more