February, 2017

In this issue:
What Love Does
Westminster Seminars
Diary of a Lunatic: The Joy of the Lord
Between Here and There: Productivity and Progress
Glimpse of My World
Unfettered: I Love You
WROC: Painting with a Twist
Westminster at 70: Westminster and Gone with the Wind?
We Need Your Smiling Face: New Church Family Directory
and more

January, 2017

In this issue:
The Greatest Generations
Westminster Seminars: Eat What Is Set Before You
Diary of a Lunatic: Chapter Two
Between Here and There: Remembering
Glimpse of My World
Unfettered: An Invitation to Gratitude
WROC: First Place 4 Health
Pet Ministry: Caring for the Health of God's Whole Creation
What the Deacons Do: Keeping Our Troops Overseas in Mind
and more

December, 2016

In this issue:
On Being Connected
Christmas Eve Services
Westminster Seminars: Designing Your Biblical Passport at Advent
Diary of a Lunatic: Present
Between Here and There
Glimpse of My World
Bibles in October
Unfettered: Imagination Rekindled
Christmas Remembrance
Music & Arts upcoming events
Pet Remembrance
Westminster at 70: An Informal History of the Chancel Choir
and more

November, 2016

In this issue:
Human Nature
Thanks Be to God
Westminster Seminars: Love and Connection
Diary of a Lunatic: Aftermath
Between Here and There
Glimpse of My World
Unfettered: Who Is My Neighbor
Fall Rummage-Recycling Sale
Music & Arts upcoming events
Spotlight on Fitness at the WROC
Westminster at 70: Worldwide Westminster
and more

October, 2016

In this issue:
Being Church
World Communion Sunday
Westminster Seminars: J.S. Bach
Reformation Sunday 2016
Diary of a Lunatic: How I Spent My Summer Sabbatical
Between Here and There
Unfettered: Who Am I? Who Is God?
Spiritual Growth opportunities
Pet Ministry events
Westminster at 70
Grief Recovery Group
and more