What Would You Pack (Will Hignett)

If you had to evacuate your home in 10 minutes and never return, what items would you take with you?
This extremely difficult and emotional decision has been a reality for millions of Syrian refugees and others from war-torn countries. Prized possessions are abandoned. Photo albums are often left behind. When you’re forced to flee for your life, the list of items you can carry becomes very small and what you bring are often just the clothes on your back, some food, medicines, a few toiletries, and maybe a coat.
This summer the International Rescue Committee (IRC) emergency team asked refugees in Greece to share the contents of their bags and show what they managed to hold on to from their homes. Their possessions tell stories about their past—and their hopes for the future. Check out this short piece from IRC at this link
After seeing what these refugees packed for their escape from their homes, what do you think you would take with you?

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