Vision Correction (by Will Hignett)

I have worn glasses since high school, and although I once wore contact lenses, my glasses are now my daily companion and essential. My glasses are on my face nearly the entire time I am awake each day. If I take my glasses off while around my grandchildren they look curiously at my face and will tell me to put on my glasses back. I don’t look like myself. They do not recognize me without glasses on my face.

My prescription now is stronger than at any time before, but the key aspect of glasses is to correct vision. For distance vision, my glasses correct my poor sight so that I see just as clearly as someone with 20/20 vision. It is really a small miracle if you think about it.

So here I want to pivot, as you probably already guessed, to the critical need to have our vision corrected, not by the optometrist, but by God and the Holy Spirit. It is hard today to use Facebook, or watch the news, or drive a distance without being confronted by anger, resentment or ugly discourse. Local news programs report bad news upfront -- leading with bleeding. Negative and course political ads bombard us each day. We need our sight corrected to not be pulled down by the world’s negativity, and God does this.

When we reflect on the parables in the Bible, or scripture that shows us that God's ways are not our ways, we can have our “poor sight” corrected. Perhaps a daily devotional will help you refocus. Or use a prayer app like the one offered on Google Play or iTunes by the Presbyterian Mission Agency.

However you choose to correct your vision, as Nike says, just do it. Let the Holy Spirit open your eyes, heart and mind, so your vision may grow as expansive as the love of God.

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