Journal Prompts Week 2

Greetings friends!

This is an addition to the Advent Devotional blog that we didn't have last week, but we're learning as we go so I thought I'd give it a shot! Each weekend, I'll throw out some questions that will hopefully spark some journal entries, or even better some discussion among a small group!

1) From Ed's post this week: Does the knowledge that you are not God fill you with joy, fear, excitement, or doubt? How is this realization a blessing or a curse?

2) From Cassandra's post this week: In what ways have you felt God be in your corner this week? How has he felt particularly present?

3) From my own post this week, what matters of justice weigh most heavily on your heart this holiday season? What can you do about them?

4) From Dave's post this morning, "We need to remind ourselves daily of evidence we see of God’s love just as Isaiah did for his people." Take a few moments to jot down some evidence you've seen of God's love today.

Have a happy weekend everyone! See you on Monday!

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