How did you meet?

One of the questions that any married or dating couple will have to answer with a fair amount of frequency is "How did you guys meet?" Sarah and I have the incredibly predictable answer of meeting in high school marching band, as all good nerdy couples should! Some folks meet at work, or at a party, or just happen to bump into each other in the street. When you're watching romantic movies, this moment is always super hyped. The whole idea of love at first sight plays itself out on the screen. Things go into slow motion. The edges of the frame are a bit blurry. An orchestra is playing just off camera. It's epic.

Truth be told, most of us probably don't have a story like that of how we met our significant other. I mean, in my case there was a band playing in the distance, but it wasn't an orchestra as much as it was a marching band playing the Star Wars theme. There were no fireworks. There was no special effect on the camera. It was just like I met so many other people, except there was something else going on. It would take us about 3 years to figure out what exactly was going on, but something was going on all the same.

I worry that people get this way when they are asked to tell the story of how they met God. When did Jesus get real for you? When we see this on TV or in the movies, the same sorts of effects are in play. If the story plays out on screen, there are special effects, there is dramatic music, there is mood lighting, and then all of a sudden the character on screen is a Christian. If we hear this story in person, usually there's a fair amount of drama in the background. "I was a drug addict for years, but when I hit rock bottom, Jesus found me there." There's nothing wrong with that kind of story, in fact we celebrate it with our brothers and sisters. But those of us who don't have those kind of fireworks in our story can sometimes wonder if we're doing it wrong.

For me, I really can't remember a time in my life where Jesus wasn't there. I grew up in the church, attended every children's ministry event, faithfully worked in Sunday school classes. There was no special music. No mood lighting. No heartbreaking story. I was adopted into this family at birth.

And that's a perfectly ok story. In fact, it says to me that Jesus is extremely powerful in that he laid claim to me long before I knew how to speak. It shows the faithfulness of countless Sunday School teachers and youth pastors who were working to help me give voice to something that was already reality in my life, that Jesus was the lover of my soul.

So how did you and Jesus meet? If you found us on Facebook, make sure to leave a comment to this post and share your story!

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