Are you Jesus?

Today's post comes to us from Nicole Cain, a Senior in Westminster's Veritas Youth Group. I've been trying to get Nicole on the blog for a little while now, as I know she's a gifted writer, and has some incredible stories to tell! Her first effort is no exception there, and I'm looking forward to future installments!
-Jason Freyer

The Father. The Son. The Holy Spirit. Each holds a defined role in the building of the kingdom of heaven here on earth. Roles, which when put together, elicit an almighty figure in which we, the children, find comfort in knowing our Father knitted our every carefully made stich within our mothers’ wombs and sent his only son, the Lord Jesus, to be our Savior through his death on the cross; so much so, that we feel a safe haven turning to our Father in times of both tragedy and triumph, alike – knowing we will always have a hand extended towards us in times of need. There is an overwhelming solace to be found in knowing He has a plan in store for each and every one of His children, “plans to prosper and not to harm you . . . plans to give you hope and a future”(Jeremiah 29:11).

I have grown up in Westminster. From attending Bridge worship services on Sunday mornings, to progressing through the myriad of programs for children and teens, the foundation of my faith has been built in the presence of the community that is this church. While I have always enjoyed the close-knit atmosphere this congregation embodies, it wasn’t until just a few years ago that I realized the true impact a community has on an individual’s ability to seek a relationship with the Lord in all His glory.

As kids, I believe we never truly grasp the idea of God. At least for me, the first moment I was able to say: “hey, you know what? This whole Almighty-power thing is pretty cool -- I really want to dive deeper into this,” wasn't until I reached high school. By this time, my friends were all, seemingly, very strong in their faith. I remember sitting around a circle table in the cafe one evening before Veritas, and my peers all discussing their God sightings from the week, and how they were getting ready to make their confirmation the following Sunday. While I was happy for them, I felt a lot like that teammate who celebrates the game winning goal from the sidelines; I was an outsider from my friends, and felt as if that translated to my relationship with God as well. I thought I had missed “my time” to begin my faith journey; I thought I had screwed up beyond what could be repaired.

I remember trying to be “tough,” acting like I didn't need a God in my life in order to be successful. I told myself any possible alternative to the truth I could think of to ease the racing of my mind, but the ache in my heart just wouldn't cease. I walked into The Bridge on Sunday morning and I could feel a tear rolling down my cheek as the worship band was playing the song, How He Loves. They sang “... don't have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way… That he loves us…” and suddenly I could feel the weight being lifted off my shoulders. The only words I could mumble out of my awe-stricken mouth was a measly, “Are you Jesus?,” but I already knew it had to have been his Spirit in those people, playing that part, of that song, in that particular moment.

It was at this time, as I watched some of my best friends confirm their faith, that I too began a new chapter, of devotion to Christ, in my faith journey. From that day forward, I have truly felt the presence of God in my world and no longer have to ask, “Are you Jesus?” I know now that he has been there all along.

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