Dr. Bruce Lancaster Interim Senior Pastor, Head of Staff 412-835-6630x208
Rev. Louise Rogers Associate Pastor for Congregational Care 412-835-6630x216
Rev. Jason Freyer Associate Pastor for the Bridge, Youth & Media 412-835-6630x221

Executive Support

Peg Kinsey Executive Assistant to the Pastor 412-835-6630x211

Business & Organizational Staff

Cindy Bingham Church Business Administrator 412-835-6630x201
Kimberly A. Dunkovich Associate Accountant 412-835-6630x202
Mandy Thomas Project Manager 412-835-6630x206

Christian Education & Spiritual Formation

Natalie Brown Director of Children's & Family Ministry 412-835-6630x226
Debb Egli Assistant Director of Children's & Family Ministry 412-835-6630x220
Ed Sutter Director of Middle School Ministry & Family Counseling 412-835-6630x224
Cassandra Millis Assistant Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry 412-835-6630x222
Laura Ecklin Coordinator of Children & Youth Ministry 412-835-6630x225
Nadina Robusto Contemporary Worship Coordinator


Anna Hiner Communications & Database Manager 412-835-6630x207
Jeannie Schott Graphic Designer & Print/Web Manager 412-835-6630x236
Laura Whitcomb Print Room Assistant 412-835-6630x236

Music & Arts

Christine Hestwood Director 412-835-6630x267
Lorraine Milovac Assistant Director
Holly Jones Junior Choir Director
Jim Burns Organist 412-835-6630x266
Eileen Murray Administrative Assistant 412-835-6630x268


Charley Richardson Property Manager 412-835-6630x110
Matt McLane Head Custodian 412-835-6630x110
Andy Dananay Custodian 412-835-6630x110
Perry McCartney Custodian 412-835-6630x110
Tom Meskus Custodian 412-835-6630x110

Volunteer Ministry

Jan Baumann Volunteer Coordinator 412-835-6630x205
Cara Daniele Kitchen Coordinator

Westminster Early Childhood Education Programs (WECEP)

Michele Charmello Executive Director 412-831-2122
Liz Heslin Nursery School & Kindergarten Coordinator 412-835-2906
Brittany Reinheimer Child Development Center Coordinator 412-835-9450

Westminster Recreation & Outreach Center (WROC)

Kathy Long Director 412-835-6630x200